A serious game about invasive species

Kudzu: the Wild


The Wilds is a God Simulator where you add animals to the environment in an attempt to maintain a balanced and healthy ecosystem. Invasive species are a constant threat in the game which must be dealt with and balanced against the native species.

-Random events – campers and invasive species could strike at any moment and give the player something else to think about and contend with.
-Advanced creature AI – All of the animals in the game have a hunger meter and life meter. They all have predators and prey. They behave quite like real animals in a natural ecosystem.
-Season cycle – When you click the page turn, one year goes by and animals’ health goes down, and many other changes take effect in the environment.
-Carcasses and disease – When animals die, they turn into carcasses. Carcasses can spread disease and harm other animals. Vultures are needed to eat these carcasses, which adds one more thing for the player to consider.



AI Programmer: pathfinding & random effects in each seson cycle.

Screen Shots